You’ve probably wondered what the right way is to order adjectives in a sentence.

You already know adjectives come before the nouns or pronouns they describe.

What if we want to use seven or more adjectives to describe a noun?

For example, when I think about my best friend, I can think of many adjectives to describe her. I know she is beautiful (she looks like Angelina Jolie), she is short and funny, she is young, blue – eyed and comes from Moldavia.

It might be tricky to use all the above adjectives in the right order but not if you remember the Acronym of Adjective Order:


O – opinion

S – size

A – age

S – shape

C – colour

O – origin

M – material

P – purpose

Now let’s try to give a category to each of the adjectives in the sentence above:

Beautiful, funny – opinion

Short – size

Young – age

Blue – eyed – colour

Moldavian – origin

Based on the Acronym of Adjective Order, we have:

My best friend is a beautiful, funny, short, blue – eyed Moldavian lady.