Native English Teacher versus Non-Native English Teacher – which is the best choice?

When learning with a Non-Native English Teacher, a student will be exposed to authentic language and accent by being engaged in real life conversations.

This type of learning, in my opinion, is suitable for upper – intermediate learners whose goal is to improve their conversational skills or to become proficient in English.

Understanding a native’s accent, could be very challenging though. There are different accents based on where the teachers come from: American accent, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and the list could continue.

If you are in the process of learning English, choosing a native speaker will probably not meet your language learning necessities.

At first you need to learn how the sounds work in English just to be able to differentiate them in words and to use them further on in your spelling or understanding new words.

A teacher who himself has been in the process of learning this language could easily explain how pronunciation works. He could adapt and explain grammar rules using methods that will ease your understanding. A Non-Native English Speaker will know not only the English Grammar but also your language grammar. He will be able to better explain idioms for example by making analogies to the ones in your own language.

Studies and research have been made on this subject and it has been proven that a Non-Native English Teacher can better teach language learning strategies more effectively because he has been in the situation in his own learning process.

They can be more sensitive to students’ learning problems and can anticipate their learning difficulties.

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