Learning English is like Going to the gym


There are loads of articles on the internet about how to motivate you to work out. You probably find them on Facebook, on the blogs you are reading or on the websites that promote a healthy lifestyle.

There are also multiple articles to help you find your inner motivation to learn a new language, such as English which is so commonly used nowadays.

You know everything that is written there, you just find it hard to begin.

Each and every beginning is hard. Learning English, as going to the gym, takes time, takes concentration and the results you are waiting for can’t be seen in a short time.

There will always be something else to do, something that you think might stand in your way and sometimes we even choose to find different reasons to justify our decisions.

A person who goes to the gym for the first time will not find it easy. The first session won’t be easy, neither the second nor the third one. Working out goes hand in hand with eating healthy food and adopting a healthy life style. Your life changes little by little but your efforts will be noticeable after a longer time.

The same thing happens when learning English or any other language. At the beginning you will probably have the feeling that it is not for you, that you can’t understand as well as you would like to. After that, after having had invested time and learned a little bit more you will begin to understand.

The best thing you can do is not to stop once you’ve started. Prioritize your needs. Keep trying. Persevere.

The more you work out or the more you learn the better you will feel. Be patient. Invest time and resources to better yourself.

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