How is Learning English through English going to help me learn and understand better than learning English through my own language?

By all means, learning English as learning any other language can be a long process and difficult at times. There will be moments when you will feel like you will never understand it.

Learning English through English consistently is, based on studies, research and last but not the least students’ own experience, an ideal option.

At first you will, indeed, focus and struggle to understand what you listen. Once you’ve done that, your brain will begin to feel more comfortable with the language and you will embrace the challenge to express yourself in English as you become more and more confident.

You might find this funny, but lots of people who watched Spanish soap operas every day, realized one day they could understand and speak Spanish. The learning process occurred while simply listening to it an hour per day for a period of time.

The fact that teachers only use English as their communication tool works as a trigger for students to speak the language.

The process of learning in English will, with no doubt, seem full of obstacles at first but the benefits will not cease to appear with a little bit of work and perseverance.

By comparison, when one learns English through their own language, they don’t actually hear it that much. The explanations are given in their native language, the words and expressions are, as well, translated.

Whereas if the learning occurs in English, you will benefit from hearing the language, face the challenge to communicate and your efforts will soon be rewarded. Any new words or expressions can easily be explained through acting, gestures, and pictures, situations, even singing and playing. You will surround yourself in English and learn in a much simpler way.

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