Nouns can be countable and uncountable.

Countable = you can count them (apple / apples, table / tables, cup / cups, etc.)

Uncountable = you cannot count them (geography, money, water, rice, etc.)


We use the indefinite article a / an with singular countable nouns: a banana, an apple, an igloo, etc.

We cannot use an indefinite article with uncountable nouns but we can use a…of: a carton of milk, a bowl of soup, etc.


We can use some and any with both countable and uncountable nouns.

We bought some apples.

Have you got any bananas?

I drank some juice.

Have you got any rice?


We use many and few with countable nouns.

We bought many tomatoes.

She had a few books she shared with me.


We use much and little with uncountable nouns.

We didn’t do much work.

I have a little housework to do.