There are many adjectives ending in –ing and –ed. To better understand how to correctly use them, study this example situation:

Maria has travelled for a long time. She visited Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Now she’s off to discover the United States of America. She knows everything about different cultures around the world and has learned to appreciate little things that matter in life. Her journey has been full of interesting adventures and she has made lots of new friends.

Maria’s journey around the world has been exciting.

Maris is excited about visiting the Americas.travelling

Somebody is excited if something or someone else is exciting. Or, if something is exciting, it makes you excited.

Nick is excited because his holiday is exciting.

Nick’s holiday is exciting, so Nick is excited.


Let’s study the examples below:

  • My course is boring. I am bored with my course.
  • My course is interesting. I am interested in my course.

In the above examples, the –ing adjective tells you about the course while the –ed adjectives tell you how somebody feels (about the course).